One-on-One Dog Training

Experience has taught me that the best way to start is for us to have a free, no obligation, chat on the phone.

At this point you will have the opportunity to tell me about your dog, explain what help you’re looking for and ask any questions you might have. At the same time, I can obtain background information and explain my methods, pricing and scheduling.

Please note: If I do not cover your area please contact me anyway so I can refer you to another APPROPRIATELY QUALIFIED Force Free Trainer! I have worked very hard to locate the other trainers who subscribe to the same high ethics and standards as I do, and I am happy to refer you to them.

My training package consists of 8 personal sessions. That is the minimum. If you decide to proceed, you will need to purchase the 8 Session Package and then we can schedule all eight sessions. All training packages must be completed within three months of the first session unless otherwise agreed by me. Sessions not taken will be forfeited. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or more dogs, the fees are not affected by how many dogs you have.

I will also, whenever possible, immediately provide you with any verbal or written tips to help alleviate any problems you are dealing with until I can get to see you.

The first session is a minimum of 2 hrs. at your home – other than dog-human aggression when often it is most advantageous to meet your dog away from her territory.

It is best if all major caregivers, including the children, can be present to ensure the whole household is on the same page with the training. We will immediately start addressing your areas of concern.

Subsequent sessions will last 1 hour and take place either in your home or other locations such as The Home Depot, patio restaurants, parks and pet and other stores.

My schedule is organized to accommodate the Arizonian weather! In summer I start appointments as early as necessary when meeting clients at parks.

Once you have paid your fees you will be provided with login information for the Client Portal on my website where you will have access to my written handouts.

I have written numerous handouts on a diverse range of subjects all of which will be available to you. I often write new handouts and update the existing ones.

There is also a Secret Facebook group for clients only and I post helpful tips and news there.

You will also benefit from free email follow-up throughout the program and afterwards. I am always happy to answer clients’ questions at any time – many clients contact me even years later when their circumstances change, e.g. they are adding a new dog to the family and want help introducing him, or they are starting a family and want to make sure their dogs are happy with the new baby in the home, etc.

Once you have completed the 8-session program you can have additional 1-hour sessions by arrangement on an as-needed basis.



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